Monday, October 19, 2015

Bowenian Family Systems Therapy

Key Terms
o Detriangulation: the process by which an individual removes himself from the emotional field of two others.

o Differentiation of self: psychological separation of intellect and emotions, and independence of self from others. Opposite of fusion.

o Emotional cutoff: Bowens term for flight from an unresolved emotional attachment.

o Family life cycles: stages of family life from separation from ones parents, to marriage, having children, growing older, retirement, and finally death.

o Family of origin: a persons parents and siblings.

o Fusion: a blurring of psychological boundaries between self and others.

o Genogram: Schematic diagram of the family system.

o I-Position: statements that acknowledge ones personal opinions rather than blaming others.

o Multigenerational transmission process: concept of passing on chronic anxiety from one generation to the next.

o Process questions: questions designed to help family members think about their own reactions to what they are doing.

o Triangle: a three person system

o Triangulation: caused by anxiety bringing in a release person into conflict between two people, but only freezes that conflict.

o Undifferentiated family ego mass: emotional stuck-togetherness or fusion of the family. Prominent in schizophrenic families.