Monday, October 12, 2015

Bowenian Family Systems Therapy

Normal Family Development
Optimal family development occurs when:
o Members are well differentiated
o Anxiety is low
o Partners are in emotional contact with their own families.

Development of Behavior Disorders
o Result from the stress that exceeds a persons ability to manage when level of anxiety created by the behavior of the individual exceeds the systems ability to handle it.
o Its not the crisis, but the response to it that creates the behavior disorder.
o The underlying factor in the beginning of psychological problems is emotional fusion passed down from one generation to the next.
o Emotional fusion is based on anxious attachment which may be manifested either as dependency or isolation.

Goal of Therapy
o Help individuals learn more about themselves and their relationships, so they can assume responsibility for their own problems.
o Increase parents ability to manage their own anxiety and thereby become better able to handle their children’s behavior.
o Fortify the couples emotional functioning by increasing their ability to operate with less in their families of origin.
o Understanding, not action, is the vehicle of cure.
o Change occurs as anxiety is lowered throughout the current family and between the current family and the families of origin.