Sunday, September 6, 2015

Structural Family Therapy

Joining and Accommodation
o Therapist works to build an alliance of understanding with each member of the family.

Working with Interaction
o Using enactments to view the family’s interactions.

Structural Mapping
o Preliminary assessments are based on interaction in the first session.
o In future session these interactions are later refined and revised.

Highlights and Modifying Interaction
o Recognizing problematic transaction between family members
o Interactions can be modified by using empathy, shaping competence, and intensity

Boundary Making
o For enmeshed families interventions are designed to strengthen boundaries.

o The goal is to change relationships within a subsystem in order to realign the relationships between subsystems

Challenging Unproductive Assumptions
o Changing the way family members relate to each other
o Offers alternative views of their situation