Sunday, September 20, 2015

Strategic Family Therapy

Normal Family Development
o Normal families depend on two important processes
- Maintaining integrity in the face of environmental changes through negative feedback and
- Adapting to change circumstances when remaining the same (staying rigid) doesn't work.
* Adapting to change change utilizes positive feedback.

Development of Behavior Disorders
o Because the basic function of a family is to maintain homeostasis through negative feedback loops (staying the same) and positive feedback loops (adapting to change) a family experiences disorder when their patterns of interaction become too rigid or dysfunctional.

o Metacommuncation
- communicating about the communication
- required to solve a problem a new way that will correct dysfunction

o Dysfunction messages include:
- Paradoxical injunctions
* demanding a behavior that by nature can only be spontaneous.
* "You should love me."
- Double binds
* a result of paradoxical injunctions
* created when two contradictory messages are given at the same level of importance.
* e.g. you demand someone tell you how they feel and then yell at them when they do.

Explanations for Malfunction
o Cybernetic
- Difficulties are turned into problems by using misguided solutions and forming positive feedback escalations.

o Incongruous Hierarchies
- A structure that doesn't work (parents ruled by a child).

o Function
- Symptoms serve a function.
- e.g. Mom isn't leaving abusive dad so child becomes sick to give mom a chance to be strong.