Sunday, September 13, 2015

Strategic Family Therapy


o Milton Erickson - Strategic approach of the therapy, pragmatic, problem solving approach.

o Jay Hayley
- Developed his own brief therapy model focusing on context and possible function of symptoms.
- Instructed clients to act in a manner contradictory to maladaptive pattern.

o Cloe Madanes
- Founded Family Therapy Institute with Hayley.

Basic Principles

o Strategic Family Therapy focuses on the process.
o It is clever, prescriptive and systematic- it can also be considered manipulative
o The basic belief is that people are always communicating.
- Communication is either "report" -(what happened) or "command" -(do something)
* Command messages are patterned as family rules.

o Family Homeostasis:
- Rules maintain family homeostasis and keep things the same
- Negative Feedback: conservative efforts to keep things from changing.

o Circular Causality:
- Does not look for looking for underlying motives for behavior
- Instead, points to circular causality (a change of communication patters) in the form of feedback loops (chains of stimulus and response)

o Feedback Loops
- Problems are made worse when a problem behavior elicits a response that makes it continue or worsen.
- This chain of stimulus and response is called a "Positive feedback loop" it is the center piece of the strategic model.

o Types of change include:
- First order change- when a behavior in the system changes
- Second order change- when the rules that affect a behavior change
* Rules are changed by re-framing interpretation of a behavior.
* Family rules around hierarchical structure often a cause of family problems