Sunday, August 23, 2015

Structural Family Therapy


o Salvador Minuchin
o Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic
o Minuchin Center for the Family in New York

Theory Foundation
o Three constructs of structural family therapy:
        - Structure
        - Subsystems
        - Boundaries

o Family structure
        - The functional organization of families that determines how family members interact.

o Hierarchical structure
        - Family functioning based on clear generational boundaries, where the parents maintain control and authority.

o Subsystems
        - Smaller units of families, determined by generations, sex or function

o Boundaries
        - A concept used in structural family therapy to describe emotional barriers that protect and enhance the integrity of individuals, subsystems, and families.

o Disengagement
        - Minuchin’s term for psychological isolation that results from overly rigid boundaries around individuals and subsystems in a family.

o Enmeshed
        - Minuchin’s term for loss of autonomy due to a blurring of psychological boundaries

o Accommodation
        - Elements of a system automatically adjust to coordinate their functioning.
        - People may have to work on it