Friday, August 21, 2015

Methodologies for developing and evaluating programs

■ Make sure therapist meets minimum standards of competency for running the group or program.

■ Establish a baseline standard for the quality of the group or program.

■ Require therapist to complete competency self evaluation.

■ Provide guidance or resources for therapist running the group.

■ Promote broad cross-discipline application of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values deemed necessary
to competent group work practice with a variety of clients.

■ The therapist must be skilled in:
o The nature of group work
o Theories of group work
o Research literature in group work
o Assessment of Group
o Using personal contextual factors in interpreting behavior of members
o Developing hypotheses about the behavior of group members

■ Evaluating Groups and Programs
o Determine if therapist have implemented a form of collaborative consultation.
o How does the planning for a group work activity take place, how far in advance, is there follow through?
o What are the group leadership functions?
o What are the dynamics of Leadership and Co-Leadership?
o How are outcomes evaluated?

■ How often does the therapist engage in self evaluation?

■ What are the selected performance goals?