Sunday, August 9, 2015

Experiential Family Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy
o 2 Levels of succession:
■ Uncovering the hurt and longing beneath defensive expressions of anger/withdrawal.
■ Helping couples understand how these feelings are played out in relationships
• In touch with underlying attachment longings
• Creates genuine expression and more reciprocal sympathy
• Creates new experiences
• Recognize direction of feelings and underlying meanings of each
• Focus on own longings rather than each other’s faults and failings
o 9 Treatment Steps
■ Assessment
• Creating an alliance
• Explain core issues using attachment theory
• Identify problematic interaction cycle that maintains insecurity and relationship distress
• Uncover unacknowledged emotions and underlying interaction positions
• Reframe problems in terms of problematic cycles
• Encourage acceptance of the partners new openness
• Encourage expression of specific needs and wants creating intimate emotional engagement
• Facilitate new solutions to unresolved relationships
• Consolidate new positions and more honest expression

Internal Family Systems Therapy
o Conflicting inner voices are personified as sub-personalities of parts.
■ Conflicts are based on polarization of only one aspect of what each of them feels
■ If in conflict with each other, often in conflict with themselves
■ “Is there a part of you that…” “What does that second part say to you?” “What is that part of you afraid of?”