Friday, July 3, 2015

Narrative Therapy

Normal Family Development

● Narrative Therapists
o Reject the idea of categorizing people, including concepts such as rigid boundaries, differentiation of self, etc.
o Assumptions about normal families
● People have good intentions
● People are not their problems
● People can develop alternate, empowering stories once separated from their problems.

Development of Behavior Disorders

● When stories people tell themselves lead them to construe their experiences in unhelpful ways, tend to get bogged down with their problems.
● Problem-saturated stories
o Encourage people to respond to each other in ways that perpetuate the problem story
o Such closed and rigid narratives make people vulnerable to being overtaken by destructive emotional states.
o External in sense that they are socially constructed
o Externalizing problems cuts down on guilt/blame
o Instead of looking inside families for the source of their problem, narrative therapists look outside to toxic effects of cultural narratives that govern lives (e.g. obsession with thinness)