Friday, July 10, 2015

Narrative Family Therapy

Treatment Modality

● The narrative therapist:
o Helps people separate themselves from problem saturated stories to open space for new, more constructive views of themselves.
o Separates persons from problems and then unites family to fight a common enemy.
o Examines family history for unique outcomes- when the family has resisted the problem or behaved in ways that contradicts the problem story.
o Sees the work as political enterprise- freeing people from oppressive cultural assumptions and empowering them to become active agents in charge of their own lives.

Therapy Process

● Narrative therapy works by helping clients deconstruct unproductive stories in order to reconstruct new and more productive ones
o Deconstruction involves questioning assumptions
o Externalizing problems from the person to deconstruct the disempowering assumptions that often surround problems, then the person can begin to resist them.
o Shifting family member’s perceptions of each other from “totalizing” views that lead to antagonism and polarization.