Sunday, July 5, 2015

Intimacy Based Therapy- David Schnarch


Level 1
o Meaning Structures = Object Relations
o Unresolved individual conflicts
o Level of differentiation
o History of the dyad and families of origin
Level 2
o Action Structures
o Sexual and nonsexual behavior repertoire
Level 3
o Strategic Structures
o Interactional patterns
o Sexual initiation patterns
o Courtship rituals
o Incongruous power hierarchies
o Extended family structure
Level 4
o Model Structures = beliefs and paradigm on a macro level
o Implicit marital contracts
o Intimacy
o The meanings of conflict or low sexual desire

Treatment Goals
Honor the system by allowing client to identify the problem.
Construct the Crucible.
Identify appropriate interventions.
Detriangulation as necessary.
Hold the Crucible and assist the development of differentiation and intimacy.