Sunday, July 26, 2015

Experiential Family Therapy

Normal Family Development

Self Actualization
o A term for the innate human tendency for each of us to seek what is best for us.
o This gets subverted by the need to please, but can be released again in the presence of unconditional positive regard.
o This may also get subverted by social pressures.
⋅ Society enforces repression to tame people’s instincts and make them fit for group living
⋅ Families add their own controls to achieve peace and quiet
- Family myths
o Set of beliefs based upon a distortion of historical reality and shred by all family members that help shape the rules governing family dysfunction
- Mystification
o Concept that many families distort their children’s experience by denying or re- labeling it.

Development of Behavior Disorders

⋅ Denial of impulses and suppression of feelings are at root of problem
⋅ Locked into self-protection and avoidance (smother emotion and desire)
⋅ Seek security and not satisfaction.
⋅ Couples who stay together reach accommodation
o Based on compromise and resignation
o Cling to routines and avoid anxiety
⋅ Destructive (inauthentic) communication used to smother feelings.
⋅ 4 dishonest ways people communicate (based on low self-esteem)
o Blaming
o Placating
o Being irrelevant
o Being super reasonable
⋅ Healthy relationship is a secure attachment bong
o Emotional accessibility
o Responsiveness
o Having a sense of being lovable and worthwhile
⋅ Attachment injuries
o Traumatic occurrences that damage the bond between partners
o If not resolved maintain negative cycles and attachment insecurities