Sunday, July 19, 2015

Experiential Family Therapy


Humanistic- Here and Now
Gestalt- role-playing, emotional confrontation
Psychodrama- sculpting, family drawing


⋅ Virginia Satir
⋅ Carl Whitaker

Basic Model:

⋅ Cause and effect of family problems is emotional suppression.
⋅ Tendency to confuse the instrumental and expressive functions of emotion.
        o Try to regulate children’s actions by controlling child’s feelings.
        o Dysfunctional families are less of the emotions that signal individuality.
        o Children grow up estranged from themselves.
⋅ Help families to uncover their honest emotions and forge more genuine family ties from enhanced authenticity.

Theoretical Concepts

Whitaker- self fulfillment depends on family cohesiveness.
Satir- importance of good communication among family members
⋅ Techniques promote communication and interaction.
⋅ Emotion organizes attachment responses and serves a communicative function in relationship.
⋅ Relax defensive fears (based on bad attachment emotions) so genuine emotions can emerge, and in turn illicit from partners or family a more compassionate and nurturing response.