Friday, June 19, 2015

Solution Focused Therapy

Theory Foundation

● Solution-focused therapists look for solutions that have worked.
● Therapy is conversational processes by which therapists help clients shift their thinking from negative to positive.
● Therapists use creative tasks to engage clients in actions that lead to new perspectives and behavior.
● Looking for exceptions- when was the problem not a problem?
● The client’s effectiveness has been blocked by a negative mindset.
        o Drawing their attention to times when they were doing well helps clients to see things differently.
● The art of solution focused therapy then becomes a matter of helping clients not only to see that their problems have exceptions, but also to realize that these exceptions are solutions that they already have in their repertoire.
● Therapists look to the future when problems can’t be solved.
        o Changing the way people talk about their problems
        o Language creates reality.
                ● Go from problem talk to solution talk.

Normal Behavior Development

● Therapists do not impose their view of “normality”.
● There are no absolutes.

Goal of Treatment

● Help client shift from talking about problems to talking about solutions.
● Therapist and client work to build on the solutions that emerge from optimistic conversations.
● Therapist must be careful to create modest, concrete, and reachable goals.
● Assessing future goals
        o What do you think the problem is now?
        o How will you know when the problem is solved?
        o How will you know when you don’t have to come here anymore?
        o What will have to be different for that to happen in terms of your behavior, thoughts, and feelings?
        o What will you notice is different about other involved in the situation?