Friday, June 12, 2015

Solution Focused Therapy

Treatment Process

● Therapist needs very little intake information.

● Assess client’s stage
o Complainant
■ Isn’t willing to work on solving problems
o Customer
■ Someone motivated to change

● First session tasks
o Ask client to observe what happens in their life that they want to continue to happen.
o Miracle question
■ A miracle happens over night and your problem is solved, you wake up… how do you know, what would be different.
o Exception questions
■ Ignores the picture of the problem client presents and directs attention to time when they didn’t have the problem.
o Scaling questions
● Helps clients talk about vague problems such as communication and depression.
● Helps clients quantify their confidence so they can maintain their resolve.
● Follow by asking clients how they can increase their chances for success.

● Anticipating and Disarming resistance

● List client strengths
o Compliments call to attention to the fact that the person has already dome something right
o Highlight client successes and keep clients working

● Summary Message
o Provide a new and more hopeful perspective on the problem and engender confidence and positive expectations.