Friday, June 26, 2015

Narrative Therapy


● Michael White
        o Became interested in ways people constructed meaning in their lives rather than just ways they behaved.

● David Epston
        o Emphasized that to maintain new narratives, clients need supportive communities
        o Advocates writing letters to clients

Model of Therapy● Narrative metaphor focuses on self-defeating cognitions- stories people tell themselves about their problems.

● Consider alternative ways of looking at themselves and their problems.

● Narratives therapists:
        o Take keen interest in their client’s stories
        o Search for times in their histories when clients were strong/resourceful
        o Use questions to take non-imposing, respectful approach to any new story put forth
        o Never label clients
        o Help clients separate from dominant cultural narratives they have internalized so as to open space for         alternative life stories
        o Believe problems arise because people are indoctrinated into narrow and self-defeating views of         themselves
        o Externalize the client’s problems
        o Encourage clients to think of themselves as struggling against their problems
        o Believe that neither the client or the family is the problem, the problem is the problem
        o Not interested in family’s impact on the problem, but rather the problems impact on the family.
        o Shifted attention to cultural beliefs and practices as source of problems