Sunday, June 28, 2015

Intimacy Based Therapy- David Schnarch

Role of the Therapist
Must be well differentiated in order to:
o Make two simultaneous balanced alliances with the couple- encouraging their own differentiation.
o Therapist’s level of differentiations determines his/her capacity to unilaterally validate alternative realities that lie outside what either partner has been willing to consider.
o Must remain engaged and yet emotionally untangled with the couple.
o Must drive one’s own level of intimacy and eroticism further through anxiety
• Increasing personal differentiation
• Offering more to the client
o Must utilize paradigm shifts.
Welcome attempts at triangulation as part of the elicitation process, and as opportunities to utilize his/her own differentiation in the form of Detriangulation.
o Detriangulation- serves to redirect their anxiety into two potentially productive internal conflicts.
o Well-differentiated therapist intervenes in two directions with regard to anxiety
• Keeping things heated as they are pressed to go into the unknown
• Keeping things below explosion.
Integrity is the manifestation of differentiation in which it becomes clear that autonomy is not simply defiance of others or not putting up with others, but rather involves not putting up with oneself, creating a sense of being desirable to oneself.