Sunday, June 14, 2015

Intimacy Based Therapy- David Schnarch

Dimensions of Sexual Experience
* Trance State
o Akin to sensate-focus activities.
o Introspective attention to one’s kinesthetic cues of arousal.
o Individual becomes absorbed in sex.

* Role Enactment
o Playing out roles of sexual fantasies and/or scripts
o Successful role enactment is indicated by in-depth integration with role during sex.
o Minimal involvement is indicated by avoidance, disinterest, or “faking it”

* Partner Engagement
o Profound personal meaning is found in the sexual involvement with the partner
o Ranges from appreciation to sense of mystical union.
o Characterized by a unique, loving bond.

Power Hierarchies- on being Needed and Wanted
* Wanting to be wanted- the individual searches for a reflected sense of self
* Not wanting to want- attempt to maintaining boundaries to protect the ego.
* Wanting to be wanted and gratified by not wanting to reciprocate- the individual is insecure about being exploited or abandoned and develops a narcissistic demand to be unilaterally gratified.
* Not wanting to be wanted- the individual avoids any reciprocity.

These power hierarchies develop in response to differentiation and object relations issues from childhood in family-of-origin. Marriage devises the opportunity to resolve family-of-origin issues and individual long term development/existential conflicts.