Sunday, June 7, 2015

Intimacy Based Therapy- David Schnarch 03

Theoretical Foundations
Two theories that support Sexual Crucible Intimacy Based Therapy as it deals with Intimacy and Differentiation are:
Object Relations Theory
Bowen’s Model of Differentiation

Object Relations
How one relates to other and makes sense of those relationships in relation to individuation of self from others
The ability to deal with conflict and self-soothe anxiety
We can relate successfully (intimately) with another if fostered “objects” support creativity and self assertion.
We can heal the potential self-rejection, defensiveness and anxiety by facing them through work done in a marriage relationship.

Bowen’s Model of Differentiation
Differentiation: how people differ regarding ability to be autonomous in spite of pressure for togetherness and reactivity.
o The individual adapts to the external environment and the processes within the family system.
o The individual works toward differentiation of the self from that system.
The individual who is differentiated is certain of his/her beliefs, convictions and self-assessment yet is capable of hearing other’s points of view and discarding old beliefs in favor of new ones