Friday, May 22, 2015

Relational diagnostic tests

● Marital Satisfaction Inventory (MSI) o Assesses the nature and extent of conflict within a marriage or relationship.
o It is a tool to use at the beginning of marital therapy to guide subsequent treatment
o It helps couples communicate hard-to-express feelings, providing an easy, economical way to gather information about a broad range of issues.
o It also helps identify relationship issues that may be contributing to individual or family problems:
● Depression
● Substance abuse
● Trouble with children or adolescents

● Dyadic Adjustment Scale o Can be used to evaluate dyadic adjustment in distressed and non-distressed relationships.
o Important areas of dyadic functioning such as marital finances and communication.

● Family Environment Scale o Developed to measure social and environmental characteristics of families.
o Based on a three-dimensional conceptualization of families.
● Real Form (Form R) measures people’s perceptions of their actual family environments
● Ideal Form (Form I) rewords items to assess individuals’ perceptions of their ideal family environment
● Expectations Form (Form E) instructs respondents to indicate what they expect a family environment will be like under, for example, anticipated family changes.

● Personal Assessment of Intimacy in Relationships PAIR o Consists of 30 items, 6 for each sub-scale of intimacy
● Emotional
● Social
● Sexual
● Intellectual
● Recreational.
o The scale measures both expected and realized intimacy.
o In the first step, people respond 'as it is now' (perceived) and then 'how he/she would like it to be' (expected).
o Response is on a 5-point agree/disagree Likert Scale.