Sunday, May 17, 2015

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy

Home work for Couples:
Stage 1
• Write down key points of the session
• Write down the “dance” cycle
• Write down daily appreciations

Stage 2
• Two fifteen minute talks to discuss the process
• Rate their degree of closeness

Stage 3
• Ask the partners to take one risk
• Write down their vision of the relationship one year from now
• Introduce ritual behaviors to enhance the relationship
• Share one feeling every day
• Establish a special date night

At Various Steps
• Instruct the couple to talk about specific content in a structured way
• Assign content highlighted in the session
• Instruct that they stick to the 10-minute time frame and separate talking sessions by 24 hours
• Instruct that they not analyze, debrief, or use the sessions against each other but wait until the next session to process the discussion