Friday, April 10, 2015

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

■        Family-based prevention and intervention program.

■        Successful in a variety of contexts used primarily to treat high-risk youth and their families.

■        The model allows for successful intervention in complex and multidimensional problems through culturally sensitive, flexibly structured clinical practice.

Treatment Goals
■        Identify the primary focus of intervention (the family)

■        Reflect an understanding that positive and negative behaviors both influence and are influenced by
multiple relational systems

■        Multisystemic prevention program
        o        focus on the multiple domains and systems within which adolescents and their families live.
        o        multilevel intervention
                        treatment system
                        family and individual functioning
                        therapist as major components.

■        Works first to develop family members’ inner strengths and sense of being able to improve their situations.

■        Provide the family with a platform for change and future functioning that extends beyond the direct support of the therapist and other social systems.

■        Includes a systematic and multiphase intervention map
        o        Phase Task Analysis
                        Forms the basis for responsive clinical decisions.
                        Gives FFT a flexible structure by identifying treatment strategies with a high probability of success.

■        Flexibility extends to all family members and thereby results in effective moment-by-moment decisions in the intervention setting.
        o        Practice is both systematic and individualized.