Friday, April 3, 2015

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)


■ Assessment is ongoing throughout each phase of the intervention model and is a multifaceted process.

■ Focuses on understanding the ways in which behavioral problems function within family relationship systems.

■ Focus varies with each phase of treatment.

■ Based on the following principles:
o Ways that family relational systems are related to the presenting behavior problems—in both functional and dysfunctional ways.
o Identify risk and protective factors.
o Identify family, individual, and systemic issues that affect treatment.

■ Assessment should be multilevel, multidimensional, and multimethod.
o Individual factors
◆ Client’s cognitive and developmental level
◆ psychological conditions
o Systemic
◆ Assess family in psychosocial context.
• what goes on during daily family life
• Behavioral and contextual factors include external
• social factors that influence the adolescent
◆ Assess family functioning.

■ Purpose of assessment is to plan the most effective treatment.