Sunday, April 12, 2015

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy

Emotion is the music of the dance between partners, learn to change the music and change the dance.

What is EFT?
• EFT expands experience and interactions.
• It is the accessing and reprocessing of emotional response underlying partner’s interactional position. The reprocessing of inner experience is used to expand the interpersonal context. In turn the structuring of new interactional events expands and redefines each partner’s inner experience.
• It facilitates a shift in positions towards accessibility and responsiveness- which are the building blocks of secure bonds.
• It creates new interactional events that redefine the relationship as a source of security and comfort for each of the partners.
• When EFT is successfully implemented, each partner experiences the other as a source of security, protection, ad comfort.
• Each partner can then assist the other in regulating negative affect and constructing a positive and potent sense of self.

EFT Structure
• Step 1: Assessment- Create an alliance and delineate conflict issues in the core struggle
• Step 2: Identify negative interactional cycle.
• Step 3: Access unacknowledged emotions underlying interactional positions.
• Step 4: Reframe the problem in terms of underlying emotions and attachment needs.
• Step 5: Promote identification with disowned needs and aspects of self and integrate these into relationship interactions.
• Step 6: Promote acceptance of the partners experience and new interaction patters.
• Step 7: Facilitate the expression of needs and wants and create emotional engagement.
• Step 8: Facilitate the emergence of new solutions to old relationship problems.
• Step 9: Consolidate new positions and new cycles of attachment behaviors.