Friday, April 17, 2015

Assessments in Family Therapy

Self-report scales

■ Cost effective to administer

■ Provide information on how family members evaluate their own functioning.

The Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAD)
                ■ 32-item measure of marital quality and marital adjustment
                ■ Four subscales measure
                        • marital satisfaction
                        • cohesion
                        • consensus
                        • affective expression

■ The Family Environment Scale (FES) is a 90-item true/false measure assessing how family members perceive their family environment along the three domains of relationships, personal growth and system maintenance.

■ The Family Questionnaire (FQ)
        o Brief measure of perceived criticism and overinvolvment.

■ The Family Assessment Device (FAD)
        o 60-item scale that assesses the six dimensions of the McMaster Model of Family Functioning
                ■ Communications
                ■ problem solving
                ■ affective responsiveness
                ■ affective involvement
                ■ roles
                ■ behavior control

Interview-based family assessment instruments

■ More labor intensive and require rater training.

■ Provide an outside perspective on how a family functions compared to other families.

■ The Camberwell Family Interview         o Requires extensive training
        o Used to assess levels of criticism and overinvolvment.

■ The Five Minute Speech Sample         o Method of assessing expressed emotion in relatives of patients with psychiatric disorders.

■ The McMaster Clinical Rating Scale (MCRS)         o Based on a family interview conducted by a rater
        o Assesses the same six dimensions of family functioning as the FAD in addition to assessing the overall health/pathology of a family.
        o Inter-rater and test-retest reliability as well as concurrent and discriminative validity.
        o Can take from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the experience of the rater.