Friday, February 27, 2015

Prominent Feminist Family Therapists

■ Betty Carter o In 1977 was the first woman to found a major family therapy training institute.

■ Marianne Walters o In 1980 founded The Family Therapy Practice Center in Washington D.C.

■ Peggy Papp o One of the first women to gain recognition and prominence in the field of family therapy.

■ Olga Silverstein o Returned to school in her fifties after spending thirty years as a housewife and mother.
o She was refused admission on the basis that she was "too old" to make contributions to the field.
o But later accepted at Hunter College School of Social Work where she met Betty Carter who was earning her Masters in Social Work.

■ Carter, Papp, Silverstein and Walters formed a collaborative relationship in the seventies.
o Workshop: "Women as Family Therapists"
o Formed what is known as The Women’s Project in Family Therapy.

■ Thelma Jean Goodrich o Written books on the issues of gender in family therapy.

■ Bepko & Krestan o "Too Good For Her Own Good"

■ The Family Institute of Westchester o One of the leading training facilities in the United States
o Curriculum where gender sensitivity is interwoven into all aspects of training.