Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pre-marital Education and Treatment

o Couples can learn more details about each other’s values.
o Important in preventing future road blocks.
o Sets president for seeking outside help in the relationship and makes it easier for the couple to seek therapy if necessary in the marriage.
o Teaches couples communication and problem solving skills as well as important techniques for building intimacy.
o May offer a model for having tough conversations.
o Communicates the magnitude of the commitment.
o Presents an opportunity for clients to discuss fears and concerns about marriage.
o Helps clients determine if they are truly ready for marriage.

o It is recommended when:
- The couple is young and has never been married.
- When couple has not discussed expectations, cultural or religious differences and topics such as children and finances.
- If couple has had a long engagement (many years) but has not made any concrete wedding plans and this is an issue for one of the partners.
- When a partner self identifying as a commitment phobic.
- If couple has not been successful in working out problems during dating period.
- Couple has already been living together (statistically higher divorce rate).