Friday, February 6, 2015

Individually based theory and therapy models

Adlerian Therapy

Adlerian Concepts

Basic Mistake- faulty, self defeating perceptions attitudes and beliefs, personal myths

Fictional Finalism- imagined central goal that gives direction to behavior and unity

Holism- study of humans as integrated beings

Insight- special form of self awareness

Style of Life- individual’s ways of thinking feeling and acting

o Inferiority complex- normal feelings of incompetence exaggerated, feeling its impossible and hopeless to reach goals
o Superiority complex- very high opinion of self, bragging, quick to argues often

Organ Inferiority- everyone is born with some physical weakness, this motivates life choices

Aggression Drive- reaction to perceived helplessness or inferiority, lashing out against the inability to achieve or master

Masculine Protest- kids work to become independent from adults and people in power.

Perfection striving- people who are not neurotically bound to an inferiority complex spend their lives trying to meet fictional goals
o Elimination of perceived flaws
o “As if” philosophy
o Gives motivation and focus

■ Social responsibility and understanding of social issues o Occupation tasks
● career,
● self worth
o Societal tasks ● Creating friendships
● Social networks
o Love tasks ● Life partner

■ Positive and Goal Oriented Humanity o People striving to overcome weakness to function productively
o Urge to contribute to society