Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cybersex and Pornography Dependence

⋄ Involves an emotional dependency on internet and internet-related sexually oriented chat rooms, message boards, and pornography.
⋄ It may include the use of sexual images, videos, literature, or sound files used to elicit sexual arousal.
⋄ Individuals may participate in brief non-committal relationships that fulfill social and sexual needs founded on the internet.
⋄ Clients with ongoing sexual compulsivity disorders or sexual addictions are a high risk factor for Cybersex dependence.
⋄ A high risk for developing these disorders include clients how have experience long term sexual abuse.
⋄ Excessive internet usage for the purpose of sexual satisfaction can have a significant impact on marriages and family relationships.
⋄ The internet can become triangulated in already problematic relationships, functioning as an available release, keeping the conflict frozen.
⋄ Feelings reported include:
o Shame
o Guilt
o Secrecy
o Regret
o Denial


⋄ Therapist must recognize that clients may feel uncomfortable or humiliated to disclose their own or their partners sexual practices.
⋄ Clients are in fear of judgment or disapproval so unconditional positive regard is essential for this type of client base.
⋄ Not all counselors are trained or have the knowledge or comfort level to treat sexual deviancy.
⋄ Success in couple’s therapy is largely determined by the quality of current sexual intimacy and interpersonal communication as well as each client’s level of differentiation.