Sunday, December 28, 2014


o An area of psychology and neurology that focuses on understanding the structure and function of the brain as it relates to the psychological processes as well as overt physical behaviors.

o In practice neuropsychologists can be:
- clinical researchers
- in clinical settings assessing or treating patients with neuropsychological problems
- in forensic settings
assessing people for court cases
* working with offenders
* appearing in court as expert witness
- consultants for product design
- managers of pharmaceutical clinical-trials research for drugs that might have a potential impact on CNS functioning.

Profession Definitions
o Neuropsychologist
- Conducts behavioral test on people with brain damage or brain diseases to determine what the person can and cannot do and to monitor improvements or deterioration over time.
- Most Neuropsychologists work in hospitals and clinics and have a mixture of psychological and medical training.

o Behavioral neuroscientists
- Investigates how functioning of the brain and other organs influence behavior.

o Neuroscientist - Studies the anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology of the nervous system.

o Neurologist
- Treat people with brain damage or diseases of the brain.

o Neurosurgeon
- Performs brain surgery.