Friday, December 19, 2014

Family Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

■ Family Risk and Protective Factors for Anxiety and Depression o Parent and adolescent conflict, parental rejection, and parental depression have been linked to depression in childhood and adolescents.
o There is evidence that maternal characteristics such as low warmth, negativity, catastrophizing, and low autonomy granting, are linked to psychopathology and alcoholism.
o Anxiety has also been linked to marital negativism and dissatisfaction.

■ Family based Treatment for Child and Adolescent Emotional problems o When testing several therapy options, results favored individual CBT over the other interventions in the rate of recovery and depressive symptoms.

■ Family Based Treatment for Adult Depression and Anxiety o Behavioral couples therapies for depression focus on teaching couples to communicate and problem solve more effectively, while increasing positive interactions and reducing negative exchanges.
o Family interventions for child and adolescent emotional disorders have lagged behind the progress seen in family approaches for behavioral disorders.
o There is slightly more evidence for the effectiveness of family interventions for child anxiety than depression.