Friday, December 12, 2014

Cultural Diversity and Family Therapy - Culture Specific Interventions

■ Naikan Therapy (Japan)
o Involves a process of continuous meditation based upon highly
o Structured instruction in self-observation and self-reflection
o Clients are usually placed in a small sitting area and practice their meditation from early in the morning until evening.
o Interviewers come every hour to discuss progress.

■ Morita Therapy (Japan)
o Purpose-centered therapy created in 1930s by Dr. Shoma Morita.
o While traditional therapy aims to reduce symptoms, Morita therapy works at building character to enable one to take action responsively in life despite symptoms.
o Character is determined by behavior.
o Dogmatic behavior patterns are replaced with flexibility, courage and empowerment.
o Theory is based on the idea that decisions become grounded in purpose rather than influenced by the fluid flow of feelings.

■ Espiritismo (Latin America, Caribbean)
o Belief that good and evil spirits can affect health, luck and other elements of human life.
o Espiritismo has absorbed various practices from other religious and spiritual practices endemic to Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Roman Catholicism but also Curanderismo, Santaria and even African beliefs such as Voodoo.
o Goals and methods of the Espiritismo are in the realm of magic and may be considered folk medicine.