Monday, October 6, 2014

Psychoanalytic Family Therapy

Treatment Process
Fosters insight by looking beyond behavior to hidden motives belong.

Less concerned with system, more concerned with individual.

Therapist creates a climate of trust and safety in which the family can explore old wounds

Key techniques: listening, empathy, interpretations, analytic neutrality

The therapeutic process
o Therapy starts with exploring the conflict between couples
o Focus is primarily placed on helping couples to recognize the source of emotional reactions
o Psychoanalytic couples therapists explore along four channels
■ Internal experience
■ History of that experience
■ How the partner triggers that experience
■ How the session and the therapist contribute to what’s going on between the partners.


In dealing with families in which there had been severe trauma and abuse, it is clear that the damage from the past needs to be clarified, elaborated on and confronted in the present.

This has led to a re-examination of the adequacy of a past-time approach as the exclusive therapeutic modality.