Sunday, October 5, 2014

Psychoanalytic Family Therapy

Normal Family Development
Average environment is sufficient for healthy development.

Includes “good mothering”

To a young child, parents are seen as “self objects”

Two essential qualities to create secure and cohesive self are:
o Mirroring
■ Understanding plus acceptance “I see how you feel”
o Idealization
■ Image of strong and powerful parents

Development of Behavior Disorders
Rooted in childhood transference

Projective identification
o Defense mechanism where unwanted aspects of self are attributed to another person and that person is induced to behave in accordance with these projected attitudes

Failure of parents to see their children as separate beings results in severe psychopathology.

o Exaggeration of the virtues of another

False self
o Defensive façade that leads to domination

o Exaggerated self regard

o Partial arrest of attachment

o Return to less mature level of functioning during stress.