Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bowenian Family Systems Therapy


o To begin with an extensive family description and history of the presenting problem.
o History of nuclear family including information about when the parents met, their dating history, parenting, geographic location and moves in relationship to extended family.
o Genogram: History of both spouses births, siblings, birth order, significant facts about childhood, and past to current functioning of parents.
o Process questions
- Designed to slow people down
- Diminish anxiety
- Start them thinking, not just about how other are upsetting them but about how they participate in interpersonal problems
o In couples therapy:
- A triangle is formed- avoid taking sides.
- Couples need to be forced to deal with each other.
- Therapist takes an I position.
- Makes non reactive observations and statements of opinion.
- This technique makes it easier for family members to define themselves and each other.
o Individual Therapy - Goal is to develop the person-to-person relationships.
- See family members as people rather than emotionally charged images.
- Learn to recognize triangles.
- Detriangle ones self.
- Bowen’s success at differentiation within his family convinced him that a single highly motivated individual can be the fulcrum for changing an entire family system.