Thursday, September 25, 2014

Integrative Couples Therapy

o Assess, externalize and develop a shared definition of the preventing problem
o Inventory assets
o See differences as strengths
o Use the clients language
o Develop a treatment plan
o Empathic joining and or unified detachment
o Assigning homework
o Enhancing communications skills

Problem Solving Training
o Begin with something positive
o Be specific
o Express your feelings
o Be brief
o Both partners acknowledge their role
o Discuss only one problem at a time
o Paraphrase
o Talk about what you can observe
o Be neutral rather than negative
o Focus on solutions
o Include mutuality and compromise
o Discuss pros and cons of solutions

Role of the Therapist
o Guide the couple through the Integrative Model
o Keep the couple on tasks
o Remain neutral
o Foster hope
o Use clients language
o Be attentive
o Remain flexible by returning to any stage of the model as needed.