Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Integrative Couples Therapy

Integrative Model of Couples Therapy
Stage 1- Assessment Understand each members viewpoint.
o Initial individual and couples sessions
o Gather Information
o Interview process and written assessment tools before and after session
o Creation of Genogram
o Create an interactive definition
o Developing the formulation
o Assessment and formulation are fluid

Stage 2- Goal Setting Externalize the problem
o Create a shared definition of the problem
o Get the couple to see the problem as a relationship issue vs. personality flaw.
o Presenting the Formulation
o The big reframe
o The center piece of the integrative model
o Set behavioral and affective goals
o Couples spend 15 minutes a day talking (behavioral) to feel more connected to each other (affective).

Stage 3- Interventions Assess each members strengths
o Couples lists strengths for each other
o Seeing differences as positives
Design interventions
o Identifying past and present strengths and successes
o Utilize the couples stated strengths and resources
If any interventions from other theories are appropriate to the couples goals they can be utilized.

Stage 4- Maintenance Challenge couples commitment
o Redefine goals if need be.
o Plan for setbacks
o Identify roadblocks
o Relapse prevention plan
o Formulate a contingency plan for setbacks

Stage 5- Validation Celebrate success
o Success can be realized in small increments
o Create rituals to celebrate success
o Build in follow up strategies
o Establish follow up sessions and reiterate the importance for maintenance.