Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Integrative Couples Therapy

Normal Couple Development
Each person develops within the context of a social environment

o Circular Causality

o Each couple is the product of their relationship through their continual action and reaction within that relationship.

o Erickson’s Stages of Development

o Intimacy Vs. Isolation: -This is when the young adult begins to think seriously about making an intimate commitment to another person.
-To gain this intimacy, young adults must find a balance between their independence and forming a life together with someone else.
-Without a sense of independence, people will define themselves in terms of their partner which can lead to undifferentiation.
-Without a sense of intimacy, a person faces isolation which can lead to loneliness and absorption.
-Generally, young adults who have mastered this stage are cooperative, tolerant, and accepting of differences.

o Generativity vs. Stagnation: -Giving to the next generation through child rearing, caring for others, or productive work.
-The person who fails in these ways feels an absence of meaningful accomplishment.

Development of Behavior Disorders
Behavior disorders develop as a result of being in the mutual trap which comes from polarization

o Distancer-Pursuer

o Submissive Controller

o Emotional Flooding and Stonewalling