Thursday, September 18, 2014

Imago Couple's Therapy

Limitations of Therapy
Therapy will be difficult with:
o Individuals without the ability to appropriately express their feelings and emotions through dialogue.
o Partners with traditional relationship styles (machismo)
o Individuals with language barriers.
o Partners who are not willing to give up their exits (affairs)
o Individuals who are not able to be open and honest with each other in the counseling process
o Individuals in an abusive relationship.

Multicultural Considerations
o Equality between husband and wife.
o Religious issues
o For example, where women are not allowed the ability to have a voice in the relationship.
o Imago Relationship Advice
o Can be found around the world
o Over 1900 couple’s therapists in over 20 countries have attended training programs by Imago Relationships International.