Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Imago Couple's Therapy


Intentional Dialogueo Process of speaking and listening that creates contingent communication between partners
o Contingent communication occurs when disclosure of vulnerability is met with expressed empathy
o The more vulnerable you can be with your partner, the safer your relationship will be for the both of you.

The Couples Dialogue
o Mirroring- the process of accurately reflecting back the content of a message from your partner.
o Validation- A communication to the sending partner that the information is being received.
o Empathy- recognizes the self in the other partner.
Closing exits
o Catastrophic- Affair, attempted suicide, addiction
o Non-catastrophic- watching tv, fantasies about someone else

Five basic tasks:o Re-imaging ones partner as a wounded child.
o Re-romanticizing the relationship, through things like appreciations, caring, fun and pleasure surprises.
o Restructuring frustrations by converting complaints to request.
o Resolving rage.
o Re-visioning the relationship as a source of safety, fulfillment, and joy.