Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Imago Couple's Therapy

Normal Couple DevelopmentCouples feel that they already know each other, even when they first meet.
Couples feel that there is an emptiness that has been filled and a sense of the other person completing them.
The couple suddenly cant imagine living without their partner.

Purpose of Romantic LoveTo recreate the relational conditions of childhood (Imago Match)
Couples fall in love with someone who has the same wound but a different defense.
They are attracted to partners who exhibit aspects of their lost selves.

Development of Behavior DisordersBringing learned behaviors and expectations into current relationships with unreasonable expectations.
Development of childhood wounds
Psychological or emotional damage from childhood
Personality types:
Fusers: insatiable need for closeness
Isolators: insatiable need for independence.
The opposite types tend to marry each other to create balance in themselves.

Attachment Stage
Safety and Belonging
Exploration Stage
Connected Separateness
Identity Stage
Sense of Self
Competence Stage
Personal Power
Concern Stage
Intimacy Stage
Closeness and loving