Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy


Ivan Pavlov
o Behavior Therapy

John B. Watson
o Classical Conditioning

Joseph Wolpe
o Systematic Desensitization

Gerald Patterson, Robert Liberman, Richard Stuart
o Leaders in behavioral family therapy

Kanfer and Philip
o SORKC Model of Behavior
■ Stimulus
■ Organism- state of
■ Response- target response
■ K- nature
■ C- Contingency of consequences

Jacobsen’s Pretreatment Assessment for Marital Therapy
o Strengths and Skills of the relationship
o Presenting problems
o Sex and affection
o Future prospects
o Assessment of social environment
o Individual functioning of each spouse

Central Premise
Behavior is maintained by its consequences, consequences that accelerate behavior are called reinforcers and consequences that decelerate behavior are called punishers.